Our Program

• Program Options

We offer a variety of educational opportunities to address individual needs, all designed to help students succeed in school and in their communities.


• Mill School Transitional Program

Students receive the majority of their education at the Mill School program  


• Full Community School Inclusion with Mill School Staff Support

Students are in their local schools and regular classrooms for the school day (likely with Special Education support) 


• Part-Time Community School Inclusion/Part Time Mill School Participation.

This includes plans to include students in the local school and typical classrooms  


• Community Inclusion.

We’re committed to returning students to their local schools and communities  


Students may arrive at our door cynical, combative, with minimal interest in school and little hope for a positive future. Until this point, their educational experiences have been negative, difficult and marked by conflict and broken relationships. The services they have received have typically been provided in a reactive and controlling manner.

We teach these students how to manage themselves, to work on projects and activities that they find useful and interesting and to integrate these projects into the daily school routines. We prepare students for life after school by helping them to develop the ability to regulate their own behavior and manage their environment. 

We help our students to learn how to judge “big deals and little deals” in a reasonable way, to recognize when they are “ready” or “not ready” to take on a task or interaction with another person, and we support them to learn how to respond to life in a positive and pro-social way.

We help students learn to be successful in school and in life. 

We are positive.