Why The Mill School

Local school districts are under great social and financial pressure to support students to graduate in a timely manner. 

District leaders rely on programs that address the needs of these students so that they can progress and graduate. School leaders are also motivated to find programs that have demonstrated success and are prepared to commit the needed financial resources to programs that meet the needs of these students.

Aside from the damaging long-term effects of limited achievement on students, the inability to successfully graduate students within the prescribed standards has a direct impact on a school district’s eligibility for state and federal funding as well. 

High school graduation is a prime indicator of long-term vocational success and further academic engagement, and both federal and state agencies link per-pupil funding to student retention and graduation.

An increase in graduation rates results in stabilization of governmental funding. Decreases or simply maintaining graduation rates can lead to reductions in state and federal funds and greater intrusion into local control of school programs. 

The Mill School can help.