For School Administrators

It’s no secret that disruptive students can have a negative impact on the success of their fellow students because frequent distractions make learning difficult for others. Schools face pressure to ensure students graduate and the emphasis on standardized testing is greater than ever.

School districts can benefit greatly from referring behaviorally challenged students to independent, specialized educational programs like The Mill School. At the Mill School we excel in helping each student overcome their challenges both in and out of the classroom. Our goal is less conflict and more learning, especially for our incoming students.

Our team of educators, social workers, and mental health professionals work in collaboration to build self-control, respect, and positive self-esteem in a dynamic learning environment. Once a student is accepted, we'll collaborate with the student and his or her family to develop the skills needed to reach their goals. 

We work to ensure that each of our students reach the level of proficiency needed to graduate and be prepared to contribute to society in their next phase of life. We are here to work with school and district administrators, including guidance counsellors and any other interested school representatives, to provide information and assist with referrals, even on a rolling basis.


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