Social and Behavioral Development

Every Mill School activity is designed to create opportunities to establish positive connections with others.  

We are relentlessly optimistic.

Our place is a safe haven for our students.  While at the school, our young people are welcomed to use our kitchen to develop culinary skills, make or get a hot meal, and bring food home for their families, if they wish. Our staff is approachable and lend a caring ear to listen whenever needed. We give our students the comfort of knowing that no matter how they are feeling or behaving, they are accepted for who they are.

We don’t restrain students and avoid calling the police when things get difficult. Instead, we work it out together. We understand that everyone has bad days and that no one is at their best when having a bad day, so we adjust and adapt and teach the students to do so as well.

Our methods are different and based on years of research that we've published in professional literature and that we've successfully applied in schools around the world.