Our Approach

Flexible Instruction

The type of student served by the Mill School is anything but typical. Because of their behavioral challenges, they are often unsuccessful in a school setting. Many also have complicated family relationships, mental illness, and poverty. Often, any kind of typical education program is met with indifference or, more often, open hostility.

The Mill School’s flexible approach involves giving students a say in the elements of their own curriculum, as well as varying the methods of instruction and the educational setting. The result is a program that increases student participation and engagement and improves the chances that students will successfully complete their education and enjoy a positive future.

Our approach to education is simple. We are committed to providing open, caring and proactive educational and vocational opportunities to young people who often struggle with the day-to-day activities of life. 

The students we serve have been unsuccessful in public school settings. Our students are often identified as behavior problems, at risk for failure, emotionally disturbed, or worse. 

Our students have long histories of making poor decisions, and we respond with understanding and support. We help them to learn how to make plans and follow their plans, and to honestly evaluate the results of their plans once they're completed (or not).

We are proactive.

We realize that each student is an individual with unique needs so we encourage them to be themselves and explore multiple options to create an educational program that will work best. We are collaborative.

  • Every student who attends our program is treated with dignity and respect. 
  • We listen to them and behave in ways that let them know that they've been heard.
  • We collaborate with them to make plans to achieve outcomes that are important to them. 
  • We have very real,  very frank, sometimes difficult conversations necessary to the identification of meaningful outcomes and the development of academic and personal success.